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Smart Solar Blinds

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SolarGaps produce smart solar blinds that automatically track the sun,
producing energy while keeping your building cool.
Installed on the outside of homes and offices, our blinds track the sun, providing active shading while generating enough energy to offset power bills up to 70%.
Customers who install SolarGaps on sunny windows see an immediate decrease in energy costs. The electricity collected from SolarGaps can be fed directly back into the building’s electrical grid, or into a battery system.

Our comprehensive energy management platform allows building owners
and managers to track energy usage, generation, sales, and storage. Our
goal is to make energy generation as simple as possible.

What is SolarGaps SGV1

SolarGaps SGV1 – external aluminium Venetian blinds with solar panels, which generate electricity.
SGV1 – a type of current product model, which we produce.

The system

SGV1 – a combination of aluminium external Venetian blinds with solar panels.
Installed on the outside of homes and offices, blinds provide shading and protection of building from external influences. Energy generated from SolarGaps can be either sent to the grid or to ESS (energy storage system).

Total solar energy transmittance gtot: 0,11 (11% of sun radiation/heat pass through the blind)

Temperature of work:

From -20°C up to 60°C (20% humidity)
From -10°C up to 40°C (80% humidity)

Installation of blinds requires specialized knowledge, therefore must be installed by authorized installers.


AC motor for height and angle adjustment. Voltage 230V~/50Hz or 110V~/60Hz.


Power supply & grid compatibility: 110 / 220 /230 V AC, 60 / 50 Hz

Solar cells

Solar panels MAX 60 Sunpower. Monocrystalline cells laminated on fiberglass base. Solar panels have cover ETFE (rectangular grid shape, matt black) The SunPowerTM C60 solar cell with proprietary MaxeonTM cell technology. Physical Characteristics of the cell: Construction: All back-contact Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm (nominal) Thickness: 165μm ± 40μm Diameter: 160mm (nominal)


The smart Inverter is a compact unit, which directly converts direct current into alternating current for powering appliances and/or office equipment and connecting to the utility grid. The AC output from the smart inverter is synchronized and in-phase with the utility grid. The smart inverter specially optimized design to work with modularisation of DC power supplies which includes the mainstream solar modules. The inverter has a pure sine and connects to the grid.


Types of connection to the home grid 
1) Direct to the grid. Connection done through standard plug socket to the home grid. First you will use the generated energy from the blinds. 

2) Through battery Connection done through a standard plug to the home grid. You choose from which source to use energy, choose battery or grid using the switch on the battery or the special counter

How to control

SolarGaps is controlled through iOS/Android smartphone. 
Download application on playmarket or applestore. Following instruction in application setup blinds and use for control 

Apple devices must be iOS 11 or newer. Android devices must be version 4.4 KitKat API level 19 or newer. 
High-quality Wi-Fi signal is needed for correct blinds control. Speed must be not less than 1Mbit/s, RSSI must be in a range of 0-74 dBm


Some useful Information about Solar Blinds

Some useful Information about Solar Blinds

1. It is easy to control SolarGaps via tablet, smartphone, Smart Switch, or remote control. Our easy to use controls allow both building managers and tenants to adjust SolarGaps. 

2. Easily Manage energy production and consumption with our comprehensive app. It makes reporting your energy generation simple, with tools that will bring you one step closer to Net Zero.

3. Easily Install SolarGaps with our network of certified solar installation partners. These professionals work directly with you to insure a timely installation process.

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