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Smart Solar Blinds

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Saving on air conditioning

SolarGaps protects your building from external influences, shades the room allowing you to save on air conditioning, at the same time, solar panels generate green energy. So you can significantly save on air conditioning up to 30%

Smart Controlling

Smart blinds create comfortable temperature and sunlight in the building due to automatic sun-tracking feature. This can be integrated with all building management systems

Green reputation and Government support

Eco friendly technologies create a positive brand image and gives access to LEED / BREAM credits

With SolarGaps you reduce your energy costs enormously, shape your environmentally friendly image, support climate protection and ensure a truly beautiful working climate. And it also looks great!

The SolarGaps photovoltaic technology of the elegant exterior blinds are ideal for offices and administration buildings. The electricity-generating outdoor blinds generate instantly usable electricity for the respective office and they always automatically align themselves to the sun. With an energy yield of up to 100 W/h on a 1 m² solar surface, the electricity is sufficient for lamps, computers, smartphones, printers and also for the coffee machine. SolarGaps solar blinds also bring an elegance with their look and choice of colours, making it easy to put up an aesthetically pleasing solar system.
By retrofitting many SolarGaps blinds, CO2 emissions would be significantly reduced: The more buildings that use electricity they generate themselves, the better the climate protection will be.
Protecting the climate and resources is the main concern of the developer and current CEO of the company. For Yevgeniv Erik and SolarGaps it is a matter of principle that people should work to adapt to the environmental requirements necessary, not through restrictions, but through clever, innovative technology that makes working life easier and even cheaper. Reducing electricity costs, creating a pleasant office climate, autonomously generating electricity supplies and no CO2 – everyone benefits from this: Employees, entrepreneurs as well as the climate and environment: this results in an excellent win-win situation for everyone.

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