Carbon monoxide poisoning: how to avoid negative repercussions?

Carbon monoxide is the invisible enemy able to kill a human in less than 3 minutes.

Science can offer no patented antidotes against carbon monoxide poisoning, with care for the affected persons being extremely complex.

What is the way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide or carbonic oxide.

(СО) ー is a very toxic gas, having no taste and odour. It is accumulated when fuel (natural gas, coal, petrol, etc.) is burnt in an area that lacks oxygen. The first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headache, giddiness, cough, nausea, buzzing in ears and irritated eyes.

Experts outline two core reasons of carbon monoxide poisoning in the domestic environment: Failure of heating equipment and improper ventilation. Strict compliance with several rules will ensure correct operation of gas devices, saving lives.

Ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

High-quality air exchange in a premise with gas equipment or a furnace heating unit installed is strongly advised. To prevent formation of carbon monoxide in the process of burning natural gas or another type of fuel, it is necessary to ensure that there is an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the premises and the proper operation of the flue and exhaust channels. There are several methods for this.

While the opening of windows contradicts to the principles of energy-efficient accommodation, the use of reversible ventilators may pose a serious threat of reverse thrust. Arranging ventilation of premises with PRANA creates safe conditions for the use of gas equipment or furnace heating units, since the parameters of air supply and air extraction are set by the user.

The innovative “PRANA” D-MVHR (decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) is able to reclaim the environment by using multiple sensors such as humidity sensors, atmospheric sensors, CO2 and CO sensors and temperature sensors to assist in monitoring the air and then introducing clean and ionized oxygen, at the amount required, thanks to the copper heat exchanger (an efficient conductor and natural antiseptic) and its antiseptic properties, this, in short, combats the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by replenishing the air to an ideal, oxygenated level. This system can detect gas leaks, CO2 and carbon monoxide build up. If there is a build-up PRANA will work hard to clean the air, in a worst-case scenario, this could buy valuable time to remove yourself from a dangerous environment.

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“PRANA” recuperator/ ventilation system utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity. This allows Prana to be far more effective than any other competing device on the market.