When saying condensation, we mean the humidity that is generated in the home by the activities undertaken such as breathing, cooking, hanging out linen, etc. It is often not possible to disperse it with the same speed with which it is produced. These high humidity conditions combined with low winter temperatures, cause the transformation of the present water vapor from a gaseous state into a liquid state, thus giving rise to the condensation process. The presence of water together with organic substances then becomes the ideal ground for formation and proliferation of biological entities such as mould, bacteria, and other microorganisms. If these activities are not adequately counteracted, they can cause serious damage to the building and often damage to the health of the occupants.

The solution is the PRANA D-MVHR

PRANA makes the air circulate inside the house.
PRANA recuperator (Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) solves the problem of condensation. Do not open the windows to avoid generating heat dispersion (Prana will replace the air). If the outside temperature is very low, turn on the radiators to make the most of the heat produced, always keep the Prana turned on in the NIGHT MODE you will not notice its operation, you will only feel the benefit. The innovative “PRANA” D-MVHR (decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) is able to reclaim the environment by using multiple sensors such as humidity sensors, atmospheric sensors, CO2 sensors and temperature sensors to assist in monitoring the air and then introducing clean and ionized oxygen, at the amount required, thanks to the copper heat exchanger and its antiseptic properties, this, in short, combats the forming, proliferation and spores of moulds and fungus and dries dampness in the air.

Install Prana in the room where condensation occurs, if this isn’t possible then installing the system close by will still have a great effect on the quality of the air.

Prana products remove the excessive humidity that is formed in the air and facilitates the removal of condensation.
Use the suction and discharge fans when you cook or take a shower.
Cooking and showering promote accumulation of humidity in the home which can cause condensation on the windows. Activate the suction systems for about 15 minutes after these activities.

“PRANA” recuperator/ ventilation system utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity. This allows Prana to be far more effective than any other competing device on the market.