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Decentralised Mechanical
Ventilation with Heat Recovery
Decentralised Mechanical
Ventilation with Heat Recovery
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- Mould or fungus on the walls?
- Condensation on the windows?
- Suffering headache, tiredness?
- Air pollution inside building?

- Mould or fungus on the walls?
- Condensation on the windows?
- Suffering headache, tiredness?
- Air pollution inside building?

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Residential series
Semi-industrial series
Industrial series
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Ventilation systems Prana

Are you familiar with these issues?

Problems with mould, fungus or damp?
How to Eliminate condensation on windows?
Suffering from allergies, tiredness or headaches?
Air pollution in buildings?

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Carbon monoxide poisoning: how to avoid negative repercussions?
What is the way of getting rid of unpleasant odours in the home?
Getting a healthy amount of sleep.
Problems with conventional AC units and the lack of fresh air

New generation of recuperators PRANA


Air is like food and lifestyle. It has a direct impact on our health and well-being. We are ready to help you in eliminating all the negative effects caused by insufficient ventilation of the premises where you, your family or your colleagues are during the day.

“PRANA” mechanical ventilation with heat recovery/ recuparator not only ventilates premises, but also provides a sufficient amount of preheated outdoor air, which is saturated with oxygen and natural ions. Air flows pass through a copper heat exchanger located inside the working module, where they are separated from each other both inside the working module and at the “input-output”. The two air flows do not mix at any point. In the ventilation system “PRANA”, warm exhaust air, which is removed from premises, heats up the fresh cold air that enters from the outside. In summer, on the contrary, it cools the air down.

Prana utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity. This allows Prana to be far more effective than any other competing device on the market.

Are you sleeping, but not getting enough rest? Are you feeling tired? Allergies? Headaches?

An absence of fresh air and increased humidity are the source of many household issues!
Condensation on the windows! Fungus! Mould! Street noise!
Eliminate the cause, not the consequences!
The Prana recuperator is unique, reliable and could be the best solution! Prana utilizes sensors to monitor CO2, humidity and air quality whilst a counter-flow copper heat exchanger cleans and replenishes your air, this system will create the perfect microclimate in your premises. The copper, which is a natural antiseptic, decontaminates the air from viral, bacterial and fungal spores. Quickly assembled, compact, and smartphone controlled, the system will bring healthy sleep, protection from allergens and fresh air at all times – all this is Prana!
Breathe cleanly!

PRANA heat recovery/recuperator – the most up-to date method of energy saving.

By selecting a conventional ventilation system, you should keep in mind, both the cost of the system and the energy usage . This will not be the story when applying the recuperation system. Recuperation (heat recovery) is becoming increasingly popular. The warmed air is removed from the premises, transferring heat to the cold outside air via the heat exchanger’s channels. PRANA recuperator system’s heat recovery rate is up to 91%. The fact that PRANA system embodies no filters allows production of fresh air featuring the energy efficiency of 95-97%. In summer time PRANA allows for the maintaining of a comfortable, cool airflow, either by itself or in conjunction with an already existing air conditioner, this now being a double benefit: First, you will need a less powerful (i.e., a cheaper) air conditioner, second, there will be a significant saving of power this may be achieved. (Prana recuperator’s power consumption up to 30 W per hour, in average).

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The air inside the premises is the same as in nature in terms of energy, thus creating comfort with much lesser amounts of air exchange. Having a healthy microclimate means to have walls free of mould and fungus and dry windows free of condensation. Another important aspect is energy saving efficiency, the conventional ventilation system “wastes" up to 30% of the heating costs, and in the summer – up to 70% of the air conditioning budget. The heat recuperator while in use, will far reduced the acclimatization costs.

In the era of plastic windows, many owners may experience adverse, and sometimes serious effects of asthma, allergy and other threatening diseases concerned with the respiratory system. This is not merely people getting sick, but the home becomes ill as well – fungus and mould emerge. It is clear that staying inside such a place is not just harmful, it is often very dangerous for one’s health. Such diseases are directly linked with substandard ventilation, the question is – which ventilation systems and recuperators solve the root of the problem and provide us with the air of high quality in all the respects. What kind of ventilation is correct and efficient?

There is plain answer to this question – direct flow decentralized ventilation systems featuring recuperation – the air recuperators.

Winter mode

Summer mode

Prana recuperator is the best solution in ventilation.

PRANA Ventilation System is an opportunity to solve the urgent problems of ventilation subject to the physiology of living organism’s breathing. This requires availability of the organism’s energetic components in the air. It is worth briefly reviewing the benefits of applying the heat recuperator of PRANA system:

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  • Use of the copper heat exchanger – the heat recuperator. Copper, being a natural antiseptic prevents accumulation of harmful bacteria in the operating module. it does not get spoiled or rusty featuring one of the highest heat conductivity ratios.
  • As for the domestic series, the amount inflow air far exceeds the amount of exhaust air to prevent a back-draught.
  • The Prana recuperator, while inside the premises, copes with the task on its own, perfectly compensates for the effect of the exhaust ducts in the kitchen and lavatory. There are always required TWO reverse ventilators (for one premise) preventing toxication with combustion products.
  • The inflow and exhaust work simultaneously.
  • The compact dimensions – the entire operating module is hidden inside the wall body, only the ventilation grid is seen.
  • Easy and quick installation. professionals install the air recuperator in two hours, without affecting the walls surface.
  • The convenient control system employing the rheostatic switch or the remote-control unit.
  • Considerable saving of energy resources.
  • Filling the premises with air, retaining the natural energetic component “prana".
  • No filters are used, therefore the supplies and maintenance related costs are reduced to zero.
  • The systems is easily reachable and maintainable.
  • No noise when operated in the night mode.
  • Warranted quality.
  • Fair and reasonable price in the competitive price to quality ratio.

A responsible choice

Choosing a PRANA product as a treatment system for your home or work environment means ensuring healthy air free of any toxic microorganisms. Compared to conventional centralized systems, PRANA devices have several advantages:

  • Quick installation (about 2 hours) without invasive structural interventions
  • Compact dimensions: the module is hidden inside the wall, only the terminals are visible.
  • Switch-on and switch-off system with a remote control
  • Energy saving thanks to the high heat recovery ratio
  • Limited expenditure and amortization over the years

Call us today for the first step towards a healthy microclimate at your home, office or production site.

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