Advantages of decentralised MVHR

Advantages of decentralised MVHR/ single room heat recovery systems Prana ERP PRO systems compared to centralised MVHR with ductwork:

1. Quick-to-assemble: The decentralised MVHR Prana ERP PRO system is designed to be easily and quickly assembled, saving time and effort during installation.

2. Smartphone-controlled: The system can be controlled through a smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, providing convenient and remote access to monitoring and adjusting the ventilation settings.

3. Innovative sensor system: The Prana ERP PRO system utilises advanced sensors for monitoring CO2 levels, humidity, air quality VOCs, and temperatures in real-time. This allows for precise control and adjustment of the air quality and climate in each room based on the sensor readings.

4. Independent microclimate in each room: With the help of the sensors, the decentralised MVHR system creates an independent microclimate in each room. This means that the air quality, CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature can be adjusted to optimal levels according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

5. Improved air quality: The sensor-based system continuously monitors and corrects the air quality, ensuring that it remains at a healthy and comfortable level. This can help to reduce the presence of pollutants, allergens, and odours in the indoor environment.

6. Energy efficiency: Decentralised MVHR Prana ERP PRO systems are designed to be energy-efficient. By monitoring and adjusting the ventilation settings based on real-time sensor data, the system optimises energy usage and minimises wastage.

7. Flexibility and scalability: The decentralised nature of the system allows for greater flexibility and scalability. It can be easily expanded or modified to accommodate changes in the layout or requirements of the indoor space.

8. Autopilot-like functionality: The Prana ERP PRO system, with its sensor-based control and adjustment, can be likened to an autopilot for ventilation. It intelligently manages the air quality and climate without the need for manual intervention, providing convenience and peace of mind.


Overall, the decentralised MVHR Prana ERP PRO system offers several advantages over centralised MVHR systems with ductwork, including ease of installation, smartphone control, sensor-based monitoring and adjustment, independent microclimate control, improved air quality, energy efficiency, flexibility, and elimination of ductwork.

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