Problems with conventional AC units and the lack of fresh air

Summer is in high gear: the bright sun, holidays, BBQs and… humid air. Whether it be your home, office, store, sports centre or factory – the most popular method of cooling is air-conditioning.

Having set a comfortable temperature of 18-23 C, people become busy for several hours, without thinking about how quickly the inhaled air around them has deteriorated. Following several hours of air conditioning, there is a natural will to open the window and fill the room with fresh air, this is the natural response to stale air. The problem of using the air conditioners is that the air in the premises is not changed. The air conditioner cools the air in the premises and circulates it. The filter installed inside the air conditioner soon gets contaminated with dust, pollen, and bacteria. After some time has passed, people feel the lack of oxygen and increased content of carbon dioxide in the air – there is dizziness, headaches, and breathing becomes more laboured. The next step is to open the windows, after which there is fresh air, but you will now loose the preferred temperature of the room.

This solution is totally inefficient and wasteful. Conventional domestic air conditioners consume 2-4 kW * hour. Every opening of windows creates a situation where the air conditioner has to work harder, as does the power grid in general, resulting in extra electricity costs. Moreover, operation of the air conditioner with windows open may cause equipment breakdowns. What are the ways to save on air conditioning costs in the summer?

“PRANA” recuperator/ ventilation system utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity. This allows Prana to be far more effective than any other competing device on the market.

The solution to this problem is the correct supply and exhaust ventilation system. Unlike the air conditioner, which only cools the air, the recuperator creates a comfortable microclimate in the premises, balancing the humidity level, ensuring supply of oxygen-rich air and removal of exhaust air with a high content of carbon dioxide. Operating the PRANA recuperator simultaneously with an air conditioner enables fresh outdoor air supply to the premises, saving up to 92% of heat / cold. The recuperator consumes 6-32 W/h, helping to save far more power than it uses. There will be no need to open windows again! The air from the street will enter the room to the level that is required at that particular moment, while the temperature inside will remain almost unchanged. PRANA achieves this by using a number of internal sensors to monitor and adapt to the current airflow and future changes to air quality, this is an autonomous function that does not require human input; however, this can be changed at any time.