Ventilation system
Recuperator PRANA 160 ERP LITE mini

Diameter of the ventilation unit: 150 mm
Diameter of the hole that the ventilation unit is mounted in 162 mm
Length of the ventilation unit: from 350 mm
Recommended area of the premises: up to 60 m2.
Volume of air exchanged during recuperation:
Inflow: 105 m3 / h
Exhaust: 97 m3 / h
In “night mode”: 12 m3/ h
Performance coefficient: 85%
Electricity consumption: from 3.,6 W* h to 17 W * h
Controlled via remote control or the mobile application.
Mini heating up” function*
Winter mode **
Auto -mode” ***
Due to the irregularly shaped channels of the copper heat exchanger, noise levels are reduced by 7–-8 times Separate controls for inflow and exhaust

  • Separate airflow controls
  • Filter condition indicator
  • Date and time
  • Sleep timer
  • Wi Fi support
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Four temperature sensors
  • VOC & Air quality sensor
  • Carbon dioxide sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Auto mode
  • Efficiency Level indicator


The mini heating up function is for PRANA 160, PRANA 210 and PRANA 210C models. It allows you to ex-tend the temperature range of the Prana system to -25 ° C (-30 ° C). The function is turned on or/ off using the remote control or via the app.
In extreme temperatures, winter mode will prevent the heat exchanger and fans of the recuperator from freezing. In night mode, the temperature of the inflow air is increased by an additional 3–-4 ° C.


The function in the WINTER MODE is intended to prevent icing of condensate drain during cold season or to freeze it if icing has occured.
To avoid icing and to ensure the correct operation of the recuperator at a minus temperature outside, the use of the “Winter Mode” is obligatory.

Recuperator PRANA 160 ERP LITE mini / decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (dMVHR), RESIDENTIAL SERIES

Recuperator Price £630.00 Excl VAT