Ventilation system
Rrecuperator prana 250 rectangular

The diameter of the housing
of the working module: 250 mm.
The volume of air exchange during recuperation:
Inflow: 650 m3 / h
Exhaustion: 610 m3 / h
Performance coefficient: 51-74%
Power consumption: from 12 W / h to 120 W / h
(depending upon the operating mode).
The system is intended for installation inside premises.
If necessary, the system provides for the connection of long ramified ventilation exhaust and / or
inflow channels (ΣΔР 350Pa).
In order to ensure safe operating conditions under conditions of high humidity, it is provided for that
PRANA-250 system will be fed from a direct current source with the voltage of + 24V. The system is
managed using a professional control unit that already has an adapter to the 220 V network, or the
Android mobile application.

The standard set includes:
1. Remote control panel (to all modifications of control units).
2. Professional touch control unit “Control block DP PRANA 250” – a set of modules for mounting on a DIN
rail, consisting of a control unit and a power supply.
Option: Control block A DP PRANA 250 – a control unit in a dustproof enclosure with a circuit breaker.


The “MINI AFTER-HEATING” function is for models PRANA 160, PRANA 200 and PRANA 200C. It allow ex-tend the temperature range of the Prana system to -25 ° C (-30 ° C). The function is turned on / off from the remote control or from the smart-phone using the Android application.
When working under extreme temperatures, it will prevent icing of the heat exchanger and fans of the recuperator. In the night mode, the temperature of the inflow air is additionally increased by 3-4 ° C.


The function in the WINTER MODE is intended to prevent icing of condensate drain during cold season or to freeze it if icing has occured.
To avoid icing and to ensure the correct operation of the recuperator at a minus temperature outside, the use of the “Winter Mode” is obligatory.

Recuperator PRANA 250 Rectangular / centralised Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), INDUSTRIAL SERIES

Price £ 1,175.00 Excl VAT