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Smart Solar Blinds

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By using the solar energy you significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the environment


Smart blinds automatically track the sun.
They can be used as an alarm clock in the morning and keep your privacy during the night.
Easily controlled by your smartphone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa


SolarGaps protects your house from external influences, shades the room allowing you to save up to 30% on air conditioning. At the same time, solar panels generate green energy (apr. 100W from 1 m2). This means you can significantly save on your energy bill.

How solar panel window blinds were born

The idea to combine solar panels and wide horizontal blinds came to me when I saw how sunflowers follow the sun.
Through my invention, I believe that everyone is responsible for saving our planet. Not all of us have the opportunity to place solar panels on the roof, however, the window is now the solution.
Smart Solargaps technology will allow you to maximize the advantages of the blinds and even remotely control them while saving energy using the power of the sun. Thus, each of us can take a step forward and reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.

Yevgeniy Erik
Founder, CEO

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