“Sick house" symptoms? Here is what they are and what they are caused by, but most importantly, how to eliminate them.

An unhealthy environment can have significant repercussions on the health of those who are in daily contact with the affected area. Poisoning caused by toxic particles floating in the air occurs slowly and is latent; often it takes years before realizing the consequences due to a life spent breathing dirty air. Here are some causes and the relative effects of an environment polluted by harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Mould and fungus: Mould and fungus proliferates in very humid and poorly ventilated environments. The consequences for the health can vary, from a simple cold to an acute form of conjunctivitis and chronic cough. In some cases, asthma and permanent rhinitis may even occur. Since different original causes often hide behind these symptoms, presence of mould in an environment is not immediately associated with these physical manifestations. Doctors and industry experts report the presence of mould as a factor that seriously endangers your health and that of your family, especially children who have very weak immune system until adolescence. The humidity in the air must range between 40% and 60%; under this threshold the environment is excessively dry.

Carbon monoxide: it is a gas generated by a combustion of compounds that contain carbon. When indoors there are defective pieces of equipment such as gas stoves, malfunctioning stoves, boilers or chimneys which are clogged, the risk of poisoning is very high. The kitchen is the main environment that is affected by the weight of CO2 pollution. We are thinking of very old or defective domestic kitchens, or industrial kitchens in hotels and restaurants without a good ventilation system. How many dangers float in the air along with the toxic micro particles?

Microbes: hundreds of invisible bacteria that float in the air and that thrive on excessive humidity in the air. Think about it: natural swampy areas are the ideal habitat for insects and microbes who like life near the water. In a smaller measure, a humid environment causes proliferation of harmful micro-organisms which then propagate as far as they can. A recent study has shown that chronic asthma seen in children is caused by a too wet home environment.

We mentioned some of the dangers that threaten your health and that of your family in an unhealthy environment.

The solution is the innovative “PRANA” D-MVHR (decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) is able to reclaim the environment by using multiple sensors such as humidity sensors, atmospheric sensors, CO2 sensors and temperature sensors to assist in monitoring the air and then introducing clean and ionized oxygen, at the amount required, thanks to the copper heat exchanger and its antiseptic properties, this, in short, combats the forming, proliferation and spores of moulds and fungus and dries dampness in the air.

“PRANA” recuperator/ ventilation system utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity. This allows Prana to be far more effective than any other competing device on the market.