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We extend the life of people and the planet!

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Who we are

CO2 produce exactly the building
The energy for cooling buildings is still produced
Air pollution contributed by the construction sector
Saving on electricity bills

Our mission is to make the Earth cleaner. We are the exclusive UK distributors of the most innovative ecological technologies. Smart solar blinds by SolarGaps generate solar energy and reduce CO2 emissions of the premises. Prana recuperator is an innovative and efficient Decentralized Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (D-MVHR).

Our team is made up of those who care about our planet’s destiny. Furthermore, we are all fans of innovation. That is why our products feature innovative designs in the field of ecology and new technologies.

The innovative solutions of SolarGaps and Prana are simple and elegant. These technologies are about to change the solar and ventilation market for the better.
The “PRANA” recuporators not only ventilate the premises but also provide a sufficient amount of preheated outdoor air which is saturated in oxygen and natural ions.
SolarGaps smart solar blinds can also significantly reduce the electricity consumption of the air conditioning due to effective shading of the room. At the same time, they generate green energy, reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere while lowering the electricity bills. Now, not only the roof can be used for generating electricity, but window as well.


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