Commercial completed projects

Hostel Clink 78 King s Cross London15

Hostel Clink 78, King’ s Cross, London

Installation of 170 units Prana ERP PRO models (decentralised MVHR)and 10 units Prana 340 (centralised MVHR) with ductwork, motorised smoke & fire dampers etc
High school for girls King Edward Birmingham1

King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

Why is a customer like King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham, who already had eight dMVHR Prana 210C ERP PRO units supplied and installed by Ecostream in 2020, now requesting the installation of additional advanced eco-friendly ventilation solutions such as decentralised MVHR Prana 210C ERP PRO units? These…
Barons Eden Spa at Hoar Cross Hall main

Barons Eden Spa at Hoar Cross Hall

Multiple installations of dMVHR Prana 210C ERP PRO, Prana 160 ERP PRO mini( Best Spa for a Countryside Getaway’ at the Good Spa Guide Awards 2023!)
ecostream dental 8

Dental Practice

The owner of the Dental Practice made the decision to install three additional decentralised MVHR Prana 210C ERP PRO units in their premises due to the noticeable improvements in air quality that were observed after the initial installation of three dMVHR Prana units five weeks ago. These improvements included a…
Hostel Clink 261 King s Cross London main

Hostel Clink 261, King’ s Cross, London

The installation of the Prana 340 systems, a centralised MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, along with ductwork, manual smoke and fire dampers, to effectively ventilate three large rooms accommodating a total of 49 occupants.
Eden Hall Day Spa luxury spa centre Main

Eden Hall Day Spa, Luxury Spa Retreat

Eden Hall Day Spa has made the decision to replace all existing powerful commercial fans and reversing heat recovery systems with the most advanced decentralised MVHR Prana 210C ERP PRO today. These new systems are equipped with humidity, CO2, air-quality VOC, temperatures, and atmospheric pressure sensors. The reason for this…