Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (dMVHR)


dMVHR Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Energy-Efficient Homes

Installing a ventilation system in your home can be a seamless process. The Prana Recuperator/ dMVHR, a compact systems are also known as single-room MVHR, can be easily installed within just two hours. Our decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit (dMVHR) models are cleverly concealed within the wall, leaving only a small vent and control panel visible.

Once the unit is in place, you can manage it effortlessly via your smartphone. When you activate Auto or Auto+ Mode, the Prana Recuperator will intelligently and automatically adapt to the conditions of each room in your home.

The Prana Recuperator efficiently filters pollutants, balances humidity and CO2 levels, and adjusts the temperature within a specific room. And for a tranquil, refreshing night’s sleep, you can simply switch to the noiseless Night Mode.

It’s similar to autopilot. With a two-year warranty and ten-years lifespan, G2 filter, the Prana Recuperator/ dMVHR has your future covered.

IMPROVE air quality

PREVENT condensation, mould and damp

PROTECT against Covid 19 and allergies

Domestic series

Commercial series

Our advantages

Improved indoor air quality

dMVHR systems continuously exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. They filter out pollutants, allergens, and odours, promoting better indoor air quality. This is particularly important in urban areas or locations with poor outdoor air quality.

Smart home integration

Our ventilation system can be fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By integrating your ventilation system with your smart home devices and automation systems, you can enjoy seamless management and monitoring functions.

Energy efficiency

MVHR systems recover heat from the exhaust air before it is expelled outdoors and use it to preheat the incoming fresh air. This heat recovery process significantly reduces the energy required to heat the incoming air, leading to significant energy savings and lower heating bills.

Enhanced thermal comfort

With dMVHR, there is a constant supply of fresh, filtered air to your building, reducing stuffiness and maintaining a pleasant indoor environment. Additionally, the heat recovery feature helps maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout the building.

Reduced condensation and mould growth

dMVHR systems are the best solution for wet rooms. Heat recovery ventilation system can control humidity levels by extracting moisture from problem areas like kitchens and bathrooms; they replace the moist air with fresh, drier air. By managing moisture effectively, these systems help minimise condensation and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Noise reduction

dMVHR, decentralised decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recoveryunits are designed to operate quietly. They typically have noise-reducing features, such as insulated casings and low-noise fans.

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Improve indoor air quality with dMVHR Systems

Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, also known as dMVHR, is a state-of-the-art ventilation system designed to provide controlled air exchange in residential buildings.

Unlike traditional whole house ventilation system or centralised MVHR systems with ducktwork, decentralised MVHR ensures that a constant stream of fresh air is supplied to each room individually. This decentralised approach allows for precise control over air quality and temperature, creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment while insuring that no energy is wasted in unoccupied rooms.

Our ventilation units feature cutting-edge Carbon Monoxide, VOCs, and Radon sensors. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) encompass a variety of chemicals emitted by sources such as cigarette smoke, household paints, and cleaning products.

With the Prana Recuperator/ decentralised MVHR, you can rest assured that these hazardous contaminants are continually monitored, while a warm and mould-free environment is simultaneously maintained in your home.

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Decentralised MVHR systems consist of individual ventilation units installed in each room or area of a building. These units extract stale air from the room, recover the heat from it using a heat exchanger, and simultaneously supply fresh, preheated air into the room. The heat recovery process minimizes heat loss, resulting in energy savings.

DMVHR helps maintain good indoor air quality by removing pollutants, excess moisture, and odours. It reduces heating costs by recovering and reusing heat that would otherwise be lost. It provides room-level control, allowing occupants to adjust ventilation rates according to their needs. Additionally, it avoids the need for ductwork, making installation easier and more flexible.

Yes, like any mechanical system, decentralised MVHR units require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This typically includes cleaning or replacing filters, checking and cleaning heat exchangers, inspecting fans and motors, and ensuring proper airflow. Manufacturers usually provide maintenance guidelines for their specific units.

Yes, decentralised MVHR systems can be integrated with other building systems. They can be connected to building automation systems for centralised control and monitoring. Integration with occupancy sensors and CO2 sensors can enable demand-controlled ventilation, further improving energy efficiency.

Reviews about Ecostream

Laurie Sanderson
Laurie Sanderson
Slav and his team at Ecostream are consummate professionals. Communication with them by email, phone and WhatsApp is a dream. Ontime installation of 8 units, on 4 floors, was completed without fuss and ontime, with both installers working ceaselessly and tidily throughout the day. In addition, Slav's technical knowledge and instruction on how to use the phone App and manual remote to control the system is second to none. I highly recommend these guys as honest, hard working installers of a cutting edge, world class ventilation and heat recovery system of the future.
Tony Gladwell
Tony Gladwell
We had an Ecostream fitted to our rental property in Bethnal Green E2 . The ongoing mould problem was finally eradicated. Happy tenants , happy landlord . We also had the same model fitted in our flat in E18 South Woodford . again the problem has now been. Resolved . Great service , the guys are professional, polite and very clean workers . We were introduced to eco stream from a friend of ours who had about 3 systems installed in his rental properties.. Anthony Gladwell
Catriona Findlay
Catriona Findlay
I have had an excellent experience with hiring Ecostream for the installation of the Prana ventilation systems. Communication has been quick & easy, I felt valued from the beginning and huge efforts were made to come and view the property for a quote & for the installation. Being based in the South West, it was a long journey for them for both visits, and at no point did I feel like it was an inconvenience for them. On the day of installation, the work was seamless and I was kept informed about their progress. They were respectful of my property and were very mindful about mess/potential dust. They explained clearly how to use the systems, and how to maintain them (cleaning etc.). They also contacted me after a week to ensure there had been no issues arise since. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my flat since the installation. I live in a basement flat so mould & high humidity has been a huge problem. This has definitely helped to tackle these issues & prevent the reoccurrence of the mould.
Albert Suen
Albert Suen
Slav installed a ventilator in my property and this sorted our condensation issues immediately. Would highly recommend their product and services!
Charlie George
Charlie George
They are fantastic. We had really bad condensation and mould build up in a flat we bought and now after installing this we have no problems at all.
Ian Graham
Ian Graham
Excellent service from the Ecostream team. Really helpful when it came to planning what was needed. Their work was superb; quick and tidy. The units were needed to sort out damp/condensation in a flat we let. They have worked really well.
Marco Griffo
Marco Griffo
Excellent experience from start to finish with Slav and his team. We installed Prana system in one of our venues 2 years ago and after the great result we decided to do the same in another venue. We are very happy with the result. Highly recommend!
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones
We have just completed our new self build. A single storey, oak frame, barn style home with high vaulted ceilings. Because the structure is so well insulated and air tight we needed an MVRH system to ventilate the property. However, because we are single storey will no loft space for ducting we were unable to install a traditional system and needed to find a decentralised option. We did a lot of research and found that the Prana system was exactly what we needed. Before it was installed our building was dripping in condensation due to the cold weather earlier this year, the fact our structure is so air tight and the fact the plastering had just been completed. Within days of the Prana system being installed the humidity levels had dropped from 90%+ to 60% and under. We have now been living in the property for the past 4 months and the Prana units provide a fresh balanced air quality with a low energy running cost. We highly recommend the Prana system and Slav and his team were highly professional and easy to communicate with throughout the entire process.
amanda parmar
amanda parmar
We’ve installed one in our new eco-extension and would highly recommend. It is quiet, works well in automatic mode and the service from the company is absolutely excellent. It’s a really high quality and well engineered product. We also have some basic Ventaxia continuous flow MVHRs which are absolutely bare-minimum basic - noisy, cheap and nasty plastic - the Prana is in a different class.
Crescent Moore
Crescent Moore
What a fantastic product and service!! We needed to bring in additional fresh air into parts of a facility that did not have the space for ducting. The Installation of 30 decentralised MVHR systems Prana 210C ERP PRO - Did the trick !! The units work along side our existing internal AC Units to provide plenty of clean fresh air significantly improving the Air Quality in the area. Plus with the heat exchange it means we are able to maintain the temperatures required. The fitting was carried out in a safe and efficient manner and the after care and servicing has also been excellent.

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