Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (dMVHR)

Improve air quality
Prevent Damp
Mould and Condensation

Prana utilises an innovative system of sensors to monitor, correct and control the airflow in any indoor environment. The sensors are capable of detecting changes to atmospheric pressure, temperatures, air quality, CO2 build up and humidity.

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Two airflows pass through the copper heat exchanger, located inside the working module. Two airways, allowing for air to travel in each direction simultaneously, are separated from each other, both inside the working module and at the “input-output”. In the Prana ventilation system warm exhaust air, which is removed from premises, heats up the fresh cold air that enters from the outside. On the contrary, in summer, Prana cools the air down. The installation of filters is possible however the copper heat exchanger ensures disinfected air without the requirement for filters.

Due to the short counter-flow channels, the ionic composition and natural energy components of the air are preserved in the recuperator “PRANA”.

“Prana” not only ventilates the premises, but also provides the ideal amount of preheated outdoor air, which is saturated with oxygen and natural ions.

The working principle

Summer mode

Winter mode