5 Ways to Make Indoor Air Quality Better For Your Family

Air pollution brings a few images to mind: bumper to bumper traffic, billowing factory smoke, etc. However, most people fail to consider the air pollution in the comforts of their homes. Do you ever think about the quality of the air in your home?
The fact is that air pollution inside your house can be just as terrible – if not worse – than it is outside. And, given that the average person spends 87 per cent of their time indoors, you’d think we’d hear more about indoor air quality. But don’t be alarmed! You can now enhance your indoor air quality with a little preventative maintenance and some basic information.
Here are five things you can do right immediately to enhance your home’s air quality:

1. Replace Your AC Filters
Air-conditioning systems are always working to keep your house at the ideal temperature all year. However, as they cycle through all that air, they filter out some of the usual air contaminants. Their air filters eventually become clogged and cease to function. Not only does this harm your interior air quality, but it also wears out your AC system, perhaps leading to costly repairs in the future. So, clean your AC filters regularly, or purchase an air conditioning service plan that includes a filter change – especially if you have allergies or live in a polluted metropolitan region.

2. Don’t Forget About Other Air Filters
Besides your home’s AC unit, there are other air filters you’ll want to keep up with. Simply changing the air filters on your furnace or air handler should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Keep those vents, ducts, and registers cleaned out, too – you’d be surprised at how much dirt and debris can end up accumulating in them.

3. Install a Ventilation System
Your HVAC system isn’t the only one that keeps air moving through your house. A ventilation system can also help circulate air throughout your home. And, like your HVAC system, a ventilation system can be used to help clean out the air in your home on a more regular basis.

4. Get Your Rugs and Carpets Professionally Cleaned
Another culprit behind poor indoor air quality is dust mites and moulds that can find their way into your carpets and rugs. Dirt, dust, and debris can also get trapped in your carpet fibres, causing a buildup of allergens. You can avoid these problems by taking your rugs and carpets to a professional carpet cleaner with a truck-mounted cleaning system. A carpet cleaner will be able to lift out more dirt, dust and hair that your vacuum cleaner misses, plus deodorisers and sanitisers will leave your rugs free of mould and mildew.

5. Get Some Indoor Plants
Indoor plants can remove dust and other pollutants from the air, making your indoor air quality better and fresher. And, if you get a houseplant with a large leaf surface, it will help increase the humidity in your home. That’s something that’s especially important if you’re living in a dry area. They also help to increase your sense of well-being, as well as simply looking great.

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The air that you breathe every day is one of the most important factors affecting your health. So, it’s important to know what you can do to keep the air you breathe clean, fresh and pure.
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