Recuperator/ d MVHR VS Heating?

Often consumers confuse recuperator with heating equipment. Therefore, in this article, we will provide answers to several common questions of users regarding the functionality and principle of operation of the Prana ventilation system/ decentralised MVHR.

Is the recuperator/ decentralised MVHR a heating device?
The recuperator is not a heating device, but a climatic one, the main task of which is to ventilate the room and ensure high-quality air exchange. The task of the heating system is to raise the air temperature to a certain level. The recuperator ensures the supply and removal of air while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature, however, it does not heat the room.

Is the recuperator capable of replacing room heating?
In every premise – apartment, office, house, and others, there are several important options that ensure the comfort of people who are inside: heating system, air conditioning, and ventilation system.
These are fundamentally different devices, in accordance, their functions and purposes are different.
The heating system heats the room. Air conditioner – cools or heats the air that is already in the room. The ventilation system provides the necessary air exchange in the room.


Advantages of the recuperator/ dMVHR
The recuperator is an innovative ventilation system with a pleasant bonus in the form of heat retention during ventilation. In the process of air exchange, it maintains a comfortable temperature in the room.
Patented technology based on a copper heat exchanger ensures the preservation of up to 96% of heat and coolness in the room.
However, the device is not designed for air heating.
Therefore, if you need fresh air at a comfortable temperature – choose a recuperator, cooled or heated one – buy an air conditioner. And if you need heating, you should buy a boiler, column or convector.
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