How to buy a recuperator/ decentralised MVHR with maximum benefit?

Decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (dMVHR) of premises has long become a standard in European countries and is fixed at the level of building regulations. From 9 to 33% of the electricity consumption of buildings every year is spent on ventilation and air conditioning (air conditioning, dehumidification, humidification). This is primarily due to the impact of air quality on people’s comfort and quality of life.
Low air quality poses a serious threat to human health:

  • high content of carbon dioxide in the room causes headache and discomfort.
  • high content of dust, plant pollen and other allergens in the air causes allergic reactions.
  • mould and damp, which actively develop indoors without sufficient ventilation, cause serious diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.
  • without proper air exchange, tobacco smoke stays in the room longer and poisons the lungs: you, your children and loved ones become passive smokers.

Have you decided to buy a recuperator/ decentralised MVHR?
Pay attention to the tips that will prevent unnecessary expenses and make using the PRANA recuperator/ dMVHR as efficient and comfortable as possible.

1. The microclimate of the room
Pay attention to the current state of the room’s microclimate: is there condensation on the windows, what is the humidity level, are there areas in the room affected by condensation and mould. PRANA recuperators/ dMVHR improve the microclimate of the premises, balance the level of air humidity and prevent the further development of damp and mould. However, the recuperator does not eliminate the existing mould, condensation and damp – they must be removed mechanically by ventilation’ s solutions such as recuperator/ decentralised MVHR units. The most advanced, efficient and reliable ventilation solution is Prana ERP PRO range models for the new build dwellings, flats and existing properties.

2. Why Prana ERP PRO range models?
The Prana Recuperator is a quick-to-assemble, smartphone-controlled ventilation system that can solve all of your problems! It utilises an innovative system of CO2, humidity, air quality VOC sensors to monitor, correct and control the air quality and temperature in any indoor environment automatically.

3. Selection of the recuperator model
Buying the most popular/cheaper/expensive recuperator/ dMVHR is a rash move. Ventilation specialists determine the necessary equipment, focusing on the required volume of air exchange, which depends on the area of the room, its purpose, the number of people and time spent in the room, and the characteristics of the building. Therefore, professionals always advise to get advice before buying a recuperator/ decentralised MVHR
Negative consequences of an unqualified choice: insufficient air exchange of the room.


4. Assembly area
PRANA recuperators are intended for installation in the wall. Before ordering diamond drilling, you must make sure that the installation area is chosen correctly: the recuperator/ dMVHR is not blocked by a cabinet or other interior items and is located at the required distance from the kitchen hood.
Negative consequences of an unqualified choice: imbalance of air flows.

5. System installation
We often receive questions about the ability to install systems by the owners/ builders themself. The installation and first start-up of the recuperator must be carried out exclusively with the help of an electrician-ventilation installer who has experience in installing PRANA recuperators or other similar dMVHR. This will prevent incorrect operation of the system and possible negative consequences in the future.

Negative consequences of an unqualified choice: incorrect operation of the recuperator

Thrifty Europeans have long learned to use the advantages of ventilation with heat recovery. The fact is that European houses use ventilation systems without recirculation, and therefore fresh air heating is required. The most economical way to heat/cool air is recuperation. Ecostream/ PRANA specialists in United Kingdom are always ready to offer an individual ventilation solution for the needs of your premises.

Production that meets high international and UK/ EU standards and offers customers the highest quality ventilation systems.
From us, you have the opportunity to buy Domestic and commercial ventilation systems and others, including household models of equipment.
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Ecostream helps households with air quality improvement through Prana ventilation systems, such as decentralised MVHR and MVHR systems with ductwork. Our approach ensures the reduction of condensation to prevent mould build up. Get in touch with us today!

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